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Reprezent Project have got experience with big scale funding applications like Arts Council England or smaller scale funding application like Norfolk County Council opportunities.

We also have opportunities with other fundings that are not related to paint or arts like National Heritage or PRS opportunities.

Contact us and we help you identify the best funding opportunity for your project.

We also can help you find opportunities and sponsors for the match funding that you need for mostly the funders programs.

Identified fund

Our team will review your idea project confidentially and help you finding the best funding to apply.


Once the funding it is found, we will work together with you and help you write the best way to explain the project to the fund and make sure the project is correct with all the checklist and guidance of the funding application.


One of the most important thing is the report. We will help you to create a unique report that the funder can visualised how successful was the project. This will help you to build resistance, confidence and legacy with the funder. On this way you will be highly likely to get more funds approved in the future.

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