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Reprezent Project have painted more than 15 walls, 70 canvases, 5 caravans and etc.
We work with lot's of different type artists like e.g.: illustrators, graffiti, stencil, contemporary, writers & etc. 


We have a big selection of national artists, but we also have international artists from Portugal, Canada, France and its that work with us.

They have many years of experience painting indoors and outdoors. 
Contacts us with your idea and we will deliver a unique high quality experience project. We are always looking for new artists too, you can email us if your looking for commission work too. 


We like to explore the idea and find out about the heritage and culture. Working together with the artist to have the clear view about the meaning of the paint on the wall.


After to find out the best idea for the wall, we work closed with the artist on a sketch to show and get approved by the client.


Once the sketch is approved, we will delivered and high quality paint in the agreed timeline. The paint will be made with the best materials so it's durable for at leats 3 - 5 years depends the location. We also can use other components to prevent the wall for vandalism and etc. It's this the wall will be durable for 10 - 15 years, but will be much expensive too.

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