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Reprezent Project had produced lots of artwork for the past years, that is available for hiring to make you event & festival more magic and wonderful.

All the artwork is craft and handmade and it's a shame to be mostly the year storage in a warehouse, the fees are very cheap and can be reduced on an agreement. That fees will be use in future community events.

We also work with other partners that use decor in Festival like Out There, so we are more than happy to link you up if need it, contact us for more information.

If we can't find the decoration that you are after, we can and will produce it for you!

Artist Produced

Our artist, work together with other professionals like carpenter to bring the art piece alive.

Community produced

There is decor that's special, we create workshops to get the community involve in the production of the decor together with artists.

Recycled decor

We believe that rubbish and unused material can be up-cycling a create amazing artwork like wheelbarrows.

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