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Reprezent Project follows by "A picture is worth a thousand words" so when comes to photographers, we recruit the best international and national photographers.

Our photographers are used to do a photo art exhibition in Galleries, events as such weddings and commercial publicity work for companies. 

If it's important and will be a memory, let us capted the best moment fo you.

Booking fees will go head for the development of more community free workshops and local events produced by us.

We also produce flyers and any marketing production!


This workshop is focus to teach the 4 stages of graffiti.

1- The Tag

2- The Throw Up

3- The Filling 

4- The Piece


On this workshop you can learn how to become the next Bansky... You can learn how to design, cut, spray & mark.


Become the next deejay in your parties by learning with the talents djs and producers how to mix and deliver a quality sound in the space.

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