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Plastic for us

In 2019 as part Out There Festival Reprezent Project decided to collaborate once again with RAF – Rui Ferreira to produce once again the biggest sculpture with pallets in the UK, this time with more pallets than the previous year at Out There. RAF – Rui Ferreira was able to create a large scale boat wrapped in industrial climfilm, to reach society's consciousness for the environment.


During the festival people were able to paint the plastic around the (pallets) boat and at the end of the festival the team created small postcard from the plastic and sent to the houses of the audience that come along to the event.


At the event we also offer free workshops like Recycling Center Robot, deejying, radio and circus performance show about the life of the sea at the actual time.


Also, we had food and drink and the top of the boat turned into a Lounge Area for people to see and chill.

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