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Underground Gallery

The Great Yarmouth Underground Gallery is a groundbreaking effort to spread public street art that embellishes and enriches the visual landscape of Great Yarmouth as well explains the heritage and culture of the town.

This project was supported by the local council and other partners on "Making Waves together strategy funded by the Heritage Lottery Funding Seeing art on this underpasses, makes people discover things about Great Yarmouth that people didn’t know before.

The impact that Art has on the streets is more intimate, its owned by the community and cultivates a true sense of geographical belonging, character and well being.

Great Yarmouth has the potential to become a cultural centre for contemporary urban arts for the region, this project will revitalise the visual landscape of Great Yarmouth as well as proving free access to contemporary art to the community, also attracting art tourism to Town.

This Project was delivered over 2 years (2018,2019) and it has legacy element to become the first outdoors public art gallery in Great Yarmouth and the stepping in stone for Reprezent Project vision.

Reprezent Project will revitalise a vital public space that has been vandalised (before) and considered dangerous by the neighbourhood transforming it into a contemporary art underground public gallery that will rotate exhibition of local artist on a 6 month basis and aims to use street art as a message of hope, identity, peace and prosperity with the aim of also elevating the Town’s profile to external audiences.

Since the first artwork on the walls, the underpasses have not been vandalized again until the end of the project.



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