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Community Canvas

Community Canvas is a specialist program developed by Reprezent Project that explores and teaches a wide variety of urban arts practices from graffiti to illustrate, sketchbook development to songwriting, music production to street dance.

The program has been delivered in primary schools, colleges and universities.​

The program covers the history and origins of the various elements of Urban art as well as practical skills such as sketching and stencilling  techniques, creative writing, beat making and breakdance offering a thorough introduction to the basic tenets of urban contemporary arts, it's aim is to inspire the next generation of street artists, illustrators, musicians, dancers and thus ensure the culture’s sustainability.

​Urban arts as we know it today have links to various aspects of contemporary audiovisual culture and students are encouraged to consider how this forms of expression can serve as a tool for public debate and discourse.

Our hands-on workshops give students the opportunity to practice different styles, techniques and modes of artistic expression in producing their own street art ‘piece’. The works created are then presented to the local community or displayed within the school.


If you are interested in holding an Urban arts workshop contact us, we are the right artistic movement.

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